What is Pick n Grow?

Pick n Grow salads and herbs are delivered to your door ready to pick, eat and grow again! Pick n Grow has been developed for people demanding high quality produce but are time poor,  lack space or a green thumb, or gardeners wanting to top-up their own harvest.

Simply order on our website and we will deliver premium salads and herbs growing in a tray ready for you to pick and grow again effortlessly. Nurturing carefully you will get multiple harvests from your Pick n Grow tray right up until your next order arrives!

Benefits of growing vegetables at home....

> You'll get a garden-to-plate experience from your own kitchen and we all know fresh tastes best!!!
> The nutritional quality of a product is optimal straight after harvest. Pick n Grow salad and herbs are higher in anti-oxidant levels, vitamins, phytochemicals and folate than bagged alternatives.
> Our environmentally friendly box is made of sustainable, un-treated pine - no plastic bags in sight....
> With Pick n Grow salads and herbs you have fresh greens available at your fingertips that are FREE of inorganic pesticides and cleaning agents.
> Teach your children good nutrition by allowing them to pick and grow themselves.

Who is Pick n Grow?

Pick n Grow salads and herbs are grown in Swannanoa in our new purpose built tunnel house by Jeff and Sonia Clare. Hand sown and grown in a quality potting mix these salad trays are spray free. 

Want to know more?

orders@pickngrow.nz     |  Jeff 027 337 3540   

What our customers are saying...

The boxes are much more lush than you imagine. We have already had 3 salads off our Mesclun and Lettuce and you would hardly know where we have picked. Fresh right at the kitchen door - fabulous.


Got mine today!!! They are such a lovely people!! Super excited to receive the salads ♡ the best and freshest from my kitchen. Love it, will definitely order again!!


Growing your own salad and herbs is 100% hassle-free in your Pick n Grow garden