Pick N Grow FAQ

When do my boxes get delivered?

Our delivery day is Friday.

How often do I water my boxes?

In summer water your boxes daily. In spring and autumn watering every second day is probably enough. It is important to keep your boxes moist, not too wet and not too dry.

Where is the best place to keep my boxes?

Out of direct all day sun. The best spot will have 2-3 hours of sun and then shade for the rest of the day either inside or outside.

How do I stop the plants from bolting or going to seed?

Keep your boxes out of all day sun and water them daily in summer or every second day in spring and autumn (as above).

How low do I cut my plants?

It is important not to cut lower than the growing crown (where the young new leaves grow from)

How often do I cut my plants?

As soon as your boxes are delivered you can begin to harvest the plants. Cut again when plants re grow to approximately the same height.

Do I need to fertilise my plants?

No, there is enough nutrients in the growing mix.

How long will my plants last?

With good care you will get multiple cuts from your boxes over a 4-6 week period, possibly even longer. Once they start getting too stalky and/or bitter tasting it is time to re-order.

What should I do if bugs get into my plants?

Yours plants are “spray free” and therefore you may get some bugs, either pick them off by hand or soak harvested leaves in water then rinse off.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes, please contact us to discuss this.

Where do Pick n Grow deliver?

In Christchurch and some areas just outside Christchurch i.e. Rolleston, Lincoln, Tai Tapu. Possibly further for bulk deliveries.

What do I do with the empty boxes when the plants have finished?

Pop your empty boxes out for us to collect with your next delivery. Or send us an email or text with details of where and when we can collect the boxes.

Will Pick n Grow be adding more product to the range?

More varieties will be added to the range but only if they perform through our trials. We anticipate also having seasonal monthly specials and possibly some accessories.

Will Pick N Grow have products all year round?

At this stage we are supplying boxes from spring through to late autumn. However, we will be trialling some varieties over winter and if successful they will be introduced next winter.